Vanesa Bodinaku

Writer @ WiPjobs Recruitment

Mental Health at Work


Mental health at work is now a required topic in all business education and training programs. People have the right to healthy workplaces, and it’s important that they are enabled to take an active role in managing their own mental health. Reducing mental workplace illnesses reduces absenteeism, improves productivity, safety, and satisfaction – and saves money. Workplace interventions that focus on individuals can prevent future mental health issues before they emerge, helping people to work through their difficulties more effectively. Every organization is responsible for its employees’ wellbeing and well-being matters at work because if you don’t look after yourself, who will?

We have added a few actions you can take toward improving your mental health.

Stay Active
Researchers say that increased physical activity, of any kind, can improve depression symptoms.  It’s important that you find an activity that you enjoy in order to feel better. Some activity suggestions: dancing, running, swimming, trying a new sport, etc.

It’s important that you speak about what is bothering you. Talk with a loved one, join online forums or reach out to a therapist. When our experiences are normalized, you experience emotional freedom and it’s good to know that you’re not alone!

Get enough sleep
Sleep can impact your mood, energy, and motivation. Make sure you sleep 7-9 hours a day.

Start your day with a positive mindset
Mornings set the tone for the rest of the day. Practice yoga, spend 10 minutes meditating, make your bed while listening to songs that boost your mood, or try stretching exercises.

Consume a healthy diet
Food is fuel for your body! Food helps you build strength, it gives you energy and allows all your body systems to work. So, make healthy choices.

Take time for things you love
Always make sure to do things you love! We all have activities that we enjoy doing. Take the time on a regular basis for these things.

Mental health is an essential part of being human. Make sure to take baby steps each day to improve your health. You’re not alone! ❤️


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