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Writer Giannis Piotopoulos @WiPjobs Recruitment

Ηow to Create a Positive Working Environment

Creating a positive work environment can have a significant impact on your colleagues’ experience and your organizational goals.

In many cases, communication, turnover, productivity, and profitability problems can be solved simply by implementing strategies to enhance employee happiness. Employees who love their jobs and look forward to coming to work are more likely to do their part to help your company succeed. Below, we’ll highlight the power of positivity at work and discuss tips for developing this type of environment in your company or organization.


Good Communication

Good communication between colleagues is very important for their working relationship. Your colleagues need to understand what you want them to accomplish and achieve, but at the same time, you need to have an idea of what they expect from you. There needs to be a balance in communication between you.

The key to good communication at work is to be clear and straightforward. If there are issues don’t avoid them and pretend they don’t exist. Raise the issue immediately and make it clear why it exists. Especially if you have bad news, it’s much better to be straightforward and direct.


Hear Everyone’s Ideas

 Each of your colleagues is in this job for a reason. Encourage them to speak their minds. Even if that idea needs work or isn’t entirely feasible. This will show them that every person on the team matters and any contribution they make is important.

Arrange specific times during the day when the office door is open and allow them to list their ideas. Encourage team members, especially the quieter ones, by asking them directly for their input, which will help them understand and establish that their opinion matters. Doing so also increases the team’s creative spirit, looking for better and better ideas to improve the work.


Recognize Each Member’s Work.

It is a very good idea to reward an employee who does a good job. Acknowledging the other person’s work automatically helps them to continue to do it well. It also shows that someone’s effort is generally recognized and helps everyone head in that direction Meeting time is a good time to recognize the work of your colleagues. You can take two minutes out of the meeting and talk to them about their good performance.


Have Fun.

You spent at least eight hours a day together. Maintaining a professional tone is important, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. A happy employee will perform much better than an unhappy or bored one. There are many ways to be both professional and have fun at the same time. For example, you can decorate the place where you all work together, and in this way, you can bring out everyone’s personality. Finally, some team activities between colleagues are also very good, both inside and outside work, which helps the relations between you and the mood of everyone.


Lead The Way.

Be the one who sets the tone and leads the way for your colleagues. If you are grumpy, grumpy, suspicious and negative, everyone else will react the same way. If you stay positive, your work environment will respond to that. A smile is contagious, but so is misery.


Be easygoing and encouraging to others. Listen to them and keep constant communication. Once you create a positive work environment once, it will be easier to maintain it.