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Why Choose Poland as Your Next Work Destination!

6 Reasons to choose Poland

Millions of people, every year, leave their home countries to find luck, love or perhaps a big career in a foreign country. And, if you are reading this article, you might be considering that too. And we encourage you to do so! Choosing to move to a foreign country is an excellent way to propel your career forward. It would not only benefit your career but also you personally as an international move is likely to give you experiences hard to match at home, and which you will never forget.

Now that you’re convinced about relocating it’s time to decide where to! The world is wide and choosing is a hard task, isn’t it? Well, why not make it Poland? Keep reading because in this article we will tell you why you should move to this beautiful country and reasons to make it your next work destination!

Poland is among the 25 most developed economies in the world according to FTSE Russell and ranks 8th as the best country for female workers. The country has also one of the highest rates of English as a second language in the world and there are a lot of job opportunities for multilinguals.
That sounds quite impressive, doesn’t it? Let´s discover more!


1. Economy and Employment Rate

The Polish economy has experienced impressive growth during the last few years, which is continuing to this day. Poland’s economy has been constantly developing achieving the fastest growth in Europe after the financial crisis. This trend is reflected in the country’s unemployment rate, which has been falling steadily. The unemployment rate in Poland currently stands at around 3.9%. Additionally, the prognosis shows that the percentage will remain at around 4% over the next few years.

As a result, companies invest more and create various new jobs every day. People can use these opportunities to develop their skills and expertise and take their careers to the next step.


2. Location

Poland is in a great central location in Europe. Not only that, but the country has also really good infrastructures, not only highways, railways, and airways but also seaways – due to its location at the Baltic Sea. There are various connections and easy – but most importantly cheap – ways to travel to cities and countries all over the world.


3. International Environment

In Poland, you’ll never feel like a fish out of water! Due to the good location and upturning economy, lots of global companies find their way to Poland. Several corporations have offices or headquarters in the country. People from outside of Poland now have more opportunities than ever to work in an international environment and gather new experiences. And if you are just starting your career, you’ll be pleased to know that Poland offers young people more than you think! For your first experience, companies tend to provide training, guide you through obstacles and help you choose your future career path.


4. No language barrier

You may be worried about learning Polish. We agree – Polish is most definitely not an easy
language to learn. But fear not! The job market in Poland is very attractive for multilinguals. Many international companies are looking for foreign languages speakers. Nonetheless, many Polish people speak English at a very high level as their second language. In 2019 Poland scored a 63.76 EF English Proficiency Index, resulting in Poland placing 11th (out of 100) in the general ranking and 9th in a European comparison.

But, if you’re keen on learning Polish, that can be easily arranged too! Indeed, there are many schools and Universities which offer Polish classes for foreigners for free!


5. Low Cost of Living

In comparison to other European countries, Poland is a relatively cheap place to live. For example, did you know that the cost of living in Poland is 40% lower than it is in the UK? So even if the salary may not look as high as in other Northern European countries, you are still getting a great deal! Due to the low cost of living, you’ll be able to save money quickly and spend them on what you love (perhaps travelling!)


6. Safety

The criminality rate in Poland is generally low. People feel safe, day or night, and can walk freely around the cities. The low crime index of 30.09 makes Poland a great destination also for families with children. Furthermore, the country is barely facing any natural catastrophes like tornados, earthquakes, etc.

Does Poland seem like a good place to work and live? Would you like to find out more or do you need help finding a place of work in Poland? Get in touch with our team!


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