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Simple tricks: improve your performance at work & achieve more

Achieve more!


From time to time, we all would like to have better results at work: to be more productive, to concentrate better, to achieve more by putting less energy to it… It happens, that’s true. However, you can always improve your performance, you only have to know some tricks! (But shhh… keep it a secret because soon you’ll become fabulous!) 😉


  • Discipline. Discipline is crucial in order to make your work a success! Learn some techniques to better manage your time and be a master of discipline!
  • Keep your workplace tidy. It helps you have less chaos in your head as well!
  • Have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. Work hard to achieve your goal. You have to be sure where you want to go in order to be on the right path.
  • Mind your language and be positive. We don’t talk about rainbows or unicorns here, but you should try to express yourself in a positive way. It will help your brain have less stress and you will create a lovely and warmer ambiance around yourself. For instance, instead of saying ‘do not disturb me now’, you could say ‘could you please let me have some calm, I would like to concentrate on my work’.
  • Work issues stay at work. You have to understand the importance of separating work and your spare time. In order to get a better rest and to be more efficient afterwards, you have to disconnect from your work problems when the work day is over.
  • Compliment people. Be happy for others and be brave enough to show it! Neither jealousy nor anger has never helped anyone to reach their dreams. Create a nice connection with people!
  • Say ‘thank you’! And be grateful for the lessons you have to learn in order to move forward.



Remember these and we are sure you will become better and better every day! Be brave!



Source: lifehack.org