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Prepare a Successful Interview in 5 Steps [Infographic]

Just 30 minutes preparation for your interview can make a huge different if you know what to focus. Even when you just have 1 day before the job interview; don’t need to worry, because you still can handle the basic interview questions by only 30 mins time preparation.

Your chance already comes closer to you when the company already accepted your application. This might be even your dream job. So remember to take this chance and prepare to make the difference.

But how can you prepare for this potential opportunity? By taking simple steps in the infographic published by the HubSpot below, you are able to avoid the most common mistake that the interviewers always complain about their candidates: basic understanding about the job and the company. Let’s change that by going through 5 steps in the infographic below with WiPjobs now.

Top Takeaways:


Before the interview:


  • Research the organization: Exchange your knowledge about organization and industry profile with the interviewers.
  • Compare your skills and the job’s description to fit the employers’ interests.
  • Practice the common questions with a friend, a career counselor or in front of the mirror. Remember to notice your facial expressions, energy and enthusiasm as well.
  • Pick your outfit and go to bed early.

In the interview:


  • Non-verbal communication: Speak with volume, sit up straight, show your confidence and create a professional impression.
  • Prepare questions to ask but never include the questions which are available on the company websites.

Do not ask about the Salary in the interview. Instead, you should collect the business cards from the interviewers, ask when the position will be notified and if they would need any additional materials from you.


After the interview:


  • Send each of the interviewers a thank-you note within 1 or 2 days through emails. This simple step can make you step out from other competitors.
Prepare a Successful Interview in 5 Steps