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How to: contact a potential employer (or a recruiter) in a right way

Do you know how to contact a potential employer (or a recruiter) correctly?


First impressions, first impressions, first impressions… The letter has to be clear, relevant, polite, yet easily legible and creative. Today WiPjobs suggests having a look at how to contact a potential employer and avoid mistakes.

There are 4 major things to notice:

  1. Subject line. Create an obvious subject line that can easily translate your message. A good subject line usually is the key that encourages the recipient to actually open the email!
  2. Know who you are addressing. The precise address (not the ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ one) makes your letter more personal and helps you get the attention you want. This is a simple trick but it actually works. Addressing people by their names makes a serious impression about you. To find out the name of your address, use the power of Google or LinkedIn: it clearly should work well!
  3. Say why they need you. Highlight how you will actually be useful to the company and what value you will be able to create. Know your strengths (but make sure to also know your weaknesses because that is a part of preparation). Show your knowledge: mention your capacities and try to apply them to the specific company. Always make the research about the company in advance!
  4. Tailor your resume to one application at a time. No copy/paste is appreciated in the job search. Make sure your resume is relevant to the position you are applying for. Be professional: serious, yet creative! In addition, know the best techniques of building your resume.


These are the key points when you decide to contact a potential employer or a recruiter and to make a change in your career. Be brave to do so but know the common & basic rules in order to achieve good results!


Take a look at the infographic we made, too!

Source: businessinsider.com