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Tips to make your resume the best (I): storytelling and formatting

Improve your resume: storytelling and formatting


A resume is a key to a good first impression. Thus, if you really want to have a great start and to stand out, you need to improve your resume writing skills. WiPjobs has now prepared a series of ‘how to’ articles that might be helpful in creating your image and representing yourself. In the first part, we would like to discuss the best ways to start: storytelling and formatting.


Storytelling: showing who you are


First of all, the structure of what you want to tell about yourself really matters because it can show a lot of refined points (of which you might have forgotten): from your ability to prioritize even to the level of your self-confidence.  Have these in mind:


  1. Decide what to put on your resume: you don’t have to tell every little detail about yourself. Instead, you should consider what is the most important and what is suitable for the position you are applying to.
  2. Focus on making the best first impression: consider putting the most appropriate information about yourself (and your eligibility for the role) in the top third of the document.
  3. Arrange everything in a reverse chronological order: it will show your most recent position first and accentuate your actual competencies.
  4. Keep it short: try to stick to one page because shorter resumes tend to get more attention.


Formatting: the visual expression


A nice visual expression can make you original but you should remember some details:


  1. Simplicity: choose a basic font and a normal font size (10-12). Make sure the document is easily readable and the page is not all covered in text.
  2. Creativity: use your creative powers to stand out. Just remember to be appropriate to the situation: the more traditional the role is, the more traditional the resume should look like. Otherwise, some interesting design or lovely details can really help you to stand out of the crowd!
  3. The contact information: make sure it is clear. The most important things here are the telephone number and the email. Only use a professional email address! And you can as well add the link to your LinkedIn account in order to make a professional and even more serious image of yourself.

Think of these tips while creating your impressive resume! And check out the second part of this series of articles coming soon.